Guitar lessons in Erlangen


Are you looking for guitar-lessons held in English?

Would you like a patient teacher, and classes held in a nice, private environment, also suitable for children?

Are you looking for lessons, which are tailored to your personal needs?

I teach different musical styles for aspiring and experienced guitar players of all ages: Rock/Pop, Funk & Soul, Jazz, Blues or Latin American styles, e.g. Reggae, Bolero, Bossa Nova, etc.

You can learn electric or acoustic guitar: For the most enjoyment, we can make each new step using popular songs as a reference.

Of course, you can also learn how to play your own favourite songs!

The first step is just playing the guitar, but step-by-step, you will also learn more about harmonic and melodic structures, leading to a greater understanding of both practical and theoretic guitar playing.

In my class you will learn:
Solo and rhythm guitar; Picking, strumming and percussion techniques (acoustic guitar); Plectrum techniques; Rhythm; Scales (pentatonic, blues-scale, ionic system, harmonic minor system, arpeggios, etc.); Improvisation; Chords and chord symbols; How to change the key of a song (e.g. if the key is too high for singing); How to change the musical style of a song (e.g. to turn a rock song into swing) ...and more!

If you are interested in trying a free lesson, you can call me or write an E-Mail.